The Worldwide Legacy of Frank Buchman


The worldwide legacy of Frank Buchman traces his initial experience of change a hundred years ago and integrates it, with additional insights, from the Oxford Group to Moral Re-Armament and now Initiatives of Change, as his work is known today.

“After the genocide in Rwanda, how can we prevent such massacres in the 21st century? How is it that after so many wars, we haven’t learnt the lessons? What’s wrong? There are so many other issues to resolve, but above all, there is the issue of peace.

The French philosopher Gabriel Marcel saw in Frank Buchman’s work a link between the intimate and the global. Buchman discerned the root problems of his time. This is the heart of his legacy. We are trying to demonstrate an answer that starts with a change in people. We must address the root causes of human insecurity.” – Dr Mohamed Sahnoun

“This man Frank Buchman, more reassuring and inspiring than dazzling, changed history. Listening to the inner voice may seem ‘normal’ advice today in many circles; it sounded radical when Frank underlined it eight decades ago.

That we are all the same underneath, that the past can be left behind, and that much of the time the detested Other is not very different from us, …are truths that Frank instilled into teams of dedicated peacemakers who in country after country altered the story of the twentieth century.” Prof Rajmohan Gandhi, Noted Indian Author and grandson of the Mahatma